The look of your business card may make or break people’s perception of your business. Therefore, to create long lasting business ties, you need to give a good amount of thought into the design process of your business cards.

You can come across a wide range of resources for designing business cards. For instance, Avery, an office products company provides several free, downloadable business card templates in MS Word. Though most of them are quite common, you can work on them in Word. In case you are good at handling Word, then you can work on Avery’s templates on your own. Similarly, HP has two types of design sites-Creative Studio offers customized, downloadable templates while Marketplash offers an online tool for designing business cards. Apart from these two, HP also provides quite a few catchy business card templates that you can use for free.

Business Cards-A Cost Effective Alternative For Marketing

In case you are more comfortable working on software for designing your cards, then Business Card Designer would be a suitable tool for you. It offers some pre-designed templates. This software enables the user to upload his logo to their designs, design their cards from the beginning and print them through their respective printers.

Once you choose a specific card design, you will need to concentrate on the printing process. You can either print the cards on your own or take the help of a local printer for this purpose. However, in case you have a limited budget to work with, then it is likely that you would hire a local printer for this purpose. If in case you plan to print the cards on your own, then you will have to maintain a special card stock with perforated edges. Inkjet printers and lasers printers normally cost between $10-$20. Make sure that your paper is arranged systematically. Also print a single sheet before you go ahead with a few hundred.

Using a business card, you can help you build trust with your clients. By presenting your clients with a card, you can strengthen business relations with them in the long run. In a nutshell, it provides them with an insight about what your business is related to.

As for people who prefer to outsource printing, and then you can go for Vistaprint, which offers cost-effective services. Additional services imparted by them include dual-sided, glossy finish, premium matt paper and foil accent. You can compare the service charges offered to ensure that you have a budget to start with. Once you have a customized business card in place, you will be able to strengthen business ties and help your business grow.

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