Vroom…vroom and Go! That’s what we could recollect about the passing cars or vehicles in our childhood days. They all were quite enthusiastic about it and developed a passion for it too. But, t never had the opportunity to fulfil the fantasy at that age. With the change in time, much water has flown below the bridge with regard to the application of technology in our everyday living. Today, your kids are fortunate to fulfil their fantasies at an early age with the Wltoys A969 that has been brought to you by the company Rcmoment.

Image result for WLTOYS A969 – THE ULTIMATE TOY CAR!


  • Standard car: Unlike the other toy cars in its class, the Wltoys A969 looks like the demo car that is palpably used by the buyers at the car seller’s point for a test drive or so. Having said that, they mean, your kids will love this car for its size that measures 290mm length, 175mm width, and 105mm height. You may be surprised to know that the car weighs about 1.7kg with a wheelbase of 165mm and the wheel diameter of 61mm.
  • Attractive colour code: Attractive colour codes have been used in the manufacturing of these cars in the mix of black and silver as well as the orange and silver colours. In short, you get to choose from those two types of Wltoys A969 cars, but both the models look seductive beyond doubts.
  • Sturdy car: It is a sturdy car with a high quality car body that looks similar to that of a truck. It runs well in indoor. However, this car can run flawlessly even in outdoor with the help of its bigger wheelbase.
  • Remote controlled car: This car is a remote controlled car and you can control it from a distance of 100m. The remote is equally powerful that requires 4 units of AA batteries.
  • Run-time: The car runs on a 7.4V1100mAh battery and can run up to 10 minutes at a stretch. However, after each 10 minutes’ slot, the battery would require a charging time of 150 minutes to restart again and display its full performance.
  • Shock absorbers and independent suspension: You may be pleasantly surprised to know that the four wheels of this car are fitted with shock absorbers. At the same time, those wheels have independent suspensions too. As a matter of fact, this car easily passes over the small hurdles on its way.
  • High-speed car: It is a high-speed car that can attain the highest speed of 50km per hour. That’s precisely what makes your kids crazy about it.

This car comes in an attractive package that includes charger, remote, and battery apart from others. Kids around the world find this car appealing and spend a lot of time playing in outdoor with it. It means your kids too will be happily drawn to the playing in outdoor. Since it is a speedy car, your kids will be running around over a place. Thus, the blood circulation in their body will improve and so will be their metabolic rate.

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