With the volume of business being conducted on the internet increasing steadily, it is a good idea to protect your business, whether big or small, from cyberattacks. Here are three ways you can boost your cybersecurity.

Staff Training

The first area where you can improve is to train your staff members well. Your training should include ways to detect phishing scams, how to properly share or download documents, and how to avoid potentially hazardous websites.

Hackers are also using social media to gain access to your business’ system. Staff should be trained not to open any suspicious documents or click on any suspicious links that are sent via email or social media. Once an employee clicks on these links, it gives the hacker access to your system. Mobile phones should only be used to access or download company data if they have had a security program installed first.


The good news is that, for all of the threats to cybersecurity, there is a great array of software to protect against such attacks. There are software programs that you can purchase as a CD and upload to multiple computers. Many security software companies offer direct downloads now as well. If your employees use mobile phones or tablets, you can find software for these as well.

If you work with third-party vendors, you will want to incorporate a form of vendor risk management cybersecurity to your plan. This protects your system from any negative impacts from working with other vendors and their systems. Your office internet should be password-protected, and you should have strong firewalls in place to protect your internet browsing. While some internet browsers come with their own form of cybersecurity, these can be limited, and you should not solely trust your internet security to these features. You will want to use an additional security program to help protect your data while using the internet.

Third-Party Assistance

Cybersecurity will look different for every business—some will need to have stronger internet protection, some will need to have stronger email protection, etc. If you are unsure where to start, you can work with a third party that specializes in cybersecurity management.

This is a great way to get a personalized assessment and solution for your business. You can identify which vendor risk management cyber security you should incorporate, and more. In today’s tech-reliant world, cybersecurity is no longer for big businesses only. Every small business should have some of these methods in place and be aware of the necessity of cybersecurity.

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