Obsolete DCS system can lead to many issues and therefore it is necessary to migrate to the latest kind of DCS systems.

The major problem with the older version was that there were multiple fail-safes that were hard-coded in the DCS, therefore even very little deviations in any process variables, e.g. temperature, can trip the whole system off-line and there will be forced shut down of the plant.

In order to restart the gas turbine along with other critical subsystems supporting it like the chiller, distilled water plant, reverse osmosis system needed about more than an hour whenever such unnecessary plant shut down occurs, as a result plant’s production as well as profitability was badly affected.

This kind of multiple start-ups can also cause the plant to be in danger of crossing its emission limits. Usually any power plant will emit more combustibles while doing start-ups.

All these power-plant emissions as well as other potential impacts on the environment are closely monitored in California, and if noncompliance is found can result in heavy fine.

Operating with any outdated DCS was really very complicated due to lack of any local repair or maintenance support.

By switching to the latest Emerson Delta V process control system, you will get single, cohesive and open communication protocol, which can enhance the overall plant performance. Following benefits can easily be observed.

  1. There will be significant decrease in shutdown.
  2. Regulatory compliance will be better as unplanned shutdown is significantly reduced and the plant start-up happens just once in a day, thus keeping the emissions well within limit.
  3. The new system just takes 45 minutes. Reduced start-up time instead of more than an hour
  4. Controlled process variables as people can now easily monitor all system variables through dashboards and can decide whether they should operate within small aberrations or decide to shut down if necessary.
  5. Single, open network as you can expand the plant easily and take benefits of new ethernet-based devices and equipment. No special skill is needed to do any trouble shooting if needed.
  6. Production intelligence is far improved as any plant operators can easily see and use the real-time system data for addressing all kinds of issues that can arise when the production is in progress.
  7. Local representative is also available who will come any time if they are given a call. Besides that, you will get free training of your engineers and operators about the operation and maintenance of your new DCS system.

Now with the news DCS system installed in your plant when you will sit in the seat of the operator, you will get the feel as if you are driving a complete car instead of driving one with the body of Chevrolet, engine of Ford and Toyota dashboard.

In the recent version of the DCS, you will find integrated mobility in their maintenance as well as operations strategy that enables operators to be get visibility to operations which is outside the central room.

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