The technology available in schools today is unparalleled to any time in history. Although much progress has been made, and the world is poised to make exponential strides in bringing education to even the most remote spots on the earth, more achievable progress lays ahead. 

The Importance of Technology in Education

The benefits of technology in education are shaping not just the futures of the children in your hometown but the world over as state-of-the-art education curricula are shared across continents in the most cost-efficient manner. The wonderful thing about technology in education is once content is created, and in a digital format, it can be shared widely to anywhere an internet connection is available. Because of this the world is shrinking as teachers and students connect the world over.

Technology is also flexible; long gone are the days of static information. Depending on your age, you may remember being issued a used textbook that had already been through the hands of your much-older brothers and sisters with their names written inside. But today’s students, through online resources, have available at their fingertips the latest information – even updated the day before in some cases.

Common Uses of Technology in Schools

At this stage in education development, the most common use of technology in the classroom is for individual teachers to go out and collect information themselves and tailor it to their lesson plans and students. YouTube is a gold mine of video clips from thought leaders, instructional videos, etc.

The other common use of technology is for students to employ Internet resources to complete assignments. Gone are the days when a student had only an encyclopedia set in the library or at home to rely on for information and research.

The next stage of technology that is spreading through schools is a blended online/in-classroom experience. Teachers are able to bring pre-produced modules into the class with slick video, entertaining content, and fun learning games. These modules are about an endless variety of topics from arithmetic to zoology.

In more advanced educational settings, beyond modules, experts in various fields are easily brought into the classroom through a live chat interface, or prerecorded video. The world’s foremost experts in a variety of topics can virtually drop into a classroom to speak to students. This way a particular teacher does not need to be the master of all facets of a particular topic. There are many benefits of technology in education and we are on the verge of making great strides in improving the educational experience of students in the United States and the world over.

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