Who doesn’t want have to a decent planner? There’s only something about the physical aspect of writing that encourages you to recollect things clearly, regardless of whether it’s something you need to do at office, somebody’s birthday, or simply the name of that book that you needed to purchase. You might have made lots of plans just to end up deserting them half a month later for to-do lists on post-it notes.

I began hunting down a decent planner framework that truly fit my requirements. I needed one that wouldn’t be costly, if I wound up deserting it once more, yet was sufficiently flexible to work for my work routine, my studies and my diet plan.

At first, a bullet journal was supposed to offer an efficient analog planning system for note-taking, rough sketches of daily work, to-dos, journal sections and a lot more. Nonetheless, with the advent of note-taking applications, individuals have started similar systems on advanced gadgets like the iPad. Elisi is an example of a brilliant digital bullet journal app. So, what are the purposes behind that? Why a digital bullet journal should be in use all the time?

1. A digital bullet journal is an endless diary

Simple note pads are limited. Eventually, you should buy another one and choose how to manage the old one. Where to keep it? Either keep it or dispose it off? In any case, that doesn’t make a difference to a digital bullet journal, where you will never come up short on pages. You can make unlimited number of accumulations, trackers, and logs as you need, without agonizing over sparing space just because you’re toward the finish of your note pad. Elisi is as simple as swiping right to get a crisp new page. It is flawless in terms of keeping records and storing them in a way that you can search for past notes without much of a hassle. This app has revolutionized the way notes are made.

2. You’ll be able to save lots of money on stationery

This is the principle reason of why people are switching to digital bullet journaling. You might have been utilizing unnecessary measures of pens and notebooks, and they must be of great quality, hence they might have been costly. In the end, no one simply wants to spend the cash on them any longer, and a simple and perhaps ideal way to do this was to dispose of the requirement for them out and out.

3. No more permanent mistakes from now on

I’m one of those individuals that could be marked as a ‘perfectionist’ so I cherish the way that the undo button makes all of my mistakes disappear in a matter of a second, and I can commit the same number of errors as I have to before the last item is immaculate! This feature is such a relief. You can make lots of mistakes before you end up hitting the right plan.

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