Cloud connectivity enables you to connect with the public services of cloud anywhere within the data center ecosystem over the cloud. It is necessary that the bandwidth range of the data center is well provisioned and is maintained in the region in which it is desired. Companies now have the ability to connect with the public services on the cloud.

Elastic cloud connectivity

If there are high fluctuations in the bandwidth of your business, you are in need to a data center which could help you in jumping from 10 Mbps to 20 Gps within less than a minute. Hence, this phenomenon over the cloud is referred to as elastic cloud connectivity.

It enables you to use only what you actually want to and does not let you pay for anything extra than what is required. It can cut down the expenditures of your organization to a great extent and reduce the bandwidth costs.

A huge network

Data centers over the cloud aim to reach out to multitude providers. The more data centers connected to it, the more efficient the network becomes. If you have more centers connected, you can have easy access to public if there are any demand spikes and therefore avoid spending money which could instead be used in expanding the business.

Like many other places, Atlanta is a hub for cloud data centers and helps in bursting out to the data to the public.


If the current workload of your business does not allow you to shift your focus from data storage towards actually expanding your business, you won’t be able to reach the goal and aims of your business and would not be able to satisfy the customers.

But if you have an outside organization, the cloud allows more flexibility in the business and you can even get some extra bandwidth in the operations if you wish to with the help of the cloud services.

Disaster recovery

There are bound to be instances in any organization when things get out of control and it gets difficult managing the situation. This would lead to a loss in revenue, productivity, and the reputation of the brand. If you do not have any cloud service, it could become a difficult task get out of the situation but if you have a cloud service, you are all sorted.

It helps you in anticipating the disasters and preventing them. It provides a solution for all kinds of disasters and makes sure that your organizations survive through it with ease.

Advantages of cloud connectivity

Here are some of the services offered by it:

  • Flexible deployment of new services
  • Helps in reaching numerous providers
  • Reduces the cost by giving you only what you want and no unnecessary data
  • No capital expenditure in buying or upgrading the network
  • Prevents loss of data


Hence, you can have assured reliability, flexibility and security, which the customers over the cloud demand and hence foster a long-term relation with your clients.

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