As a business, if you are growing, you will eventually outgrow individual PCs as a management tool and need something more organized and powerful. You will need to look at a business server, like the HP small business server, which caters to small business needs. Here is why making that move now, before your computer needs become overwhelming is a smart idea.

The Basics

Business servers satisfy a multitude of needs. While they might look like a standard PC, they are built for very different tasks. For starters, they are designed to seamlessly run business applications across networks without hanging up or getting bottlenecks. The HP small business server, for example, can run specialized operating systems that provide access to multiple people at once.

A Central Repository

If your “business network” is a collection of PCs that are loosely connected by network software, each storing data on its own hard drive, you not only run the risk of losing valuable data if a machine cannot be accessed, but you are hindering your employees’ ability to perform work quickly and easily. A business server is a central storage point for all business data.

Additionally, by incorporating an HP server power supply, you ensure that if the power goes down, your machine will not. If, however, it does, you can add an automatic backup system that mirrors all the data on your business server and can be called into action at any time.

A Business Server is Scalable

You are looking at a more robust operating system because you are growing and need the extra advantages a server gives your company. You also anticipate continuing to grow. With a business server, you can grow as much as you want and the server can grow with you. Even if your needs exceed the server’s capacity, you can always add another server and have them both work together to provide your company all the computing power it needs.

You can Match a Server to Your Needs

If all you need is access to a spreadsheet application and word processor, a standard, stand-alone PC probably works. But for those employees who need to crunch numbers, run multiple spreadsheets and databases at once and have a ton of data to store, a standalone PC will not work. A business server can be set up to give all your employees exactly what they need, whether that need is simple or complex.

The HP small business server is perfect for that business that has outgrown standalone PCs and needs more power and storage capacity. Check out a dealer near you and get the computing capabilities your employees need and deserve today!

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