Selecting an Escort of your choice can be really difficult unless and until you know the background of the escort whom you are choosing. Though you may find few reviews available here and there about escorts, but are they really trustworthy?

There are few well-known escort provider sites like or where you can find plenty of escorts whose details are available. There are few individual websites too available for escorts who are running their sites independently.

When you are looking for an escort and you make a call to the agency or the individual escort, the first thing that comes to the mind of escort is whether you are a genuine client or a cop.

Also, similar doubt remains in the mind of the client while calling an escort whether there is any chance that he may be trapped by some one or totally get ripped off.

Therefore, it is necessary for the client to find certain reviews about a particular escort, with whom he may be interested to spend time.

If you ask any fuck hobbyists who often take services of escorts, he will most probably tell you if you have to avoid her, though the ad may show her super-hot picture.

However, there is another side of the coin too. Often these hobbyists demand certain discount from the escorts against a good review about the escort.

As a client who is looking for an escort however need to exercise certain precaution. You should not end up becoming some sort of bait under the situation. You may have chosen a great model to spend nice time but just end up meeting at the door by bridge troll.

However, there are few well known escort-providers too who do not prefer to participate in these review systems, hence you have to figure out some other way to verify whether you are dealing with a legitimate escort.

Why escorts disallow reviews:

Reviews are not the final word about the escorts. Most of the escorts usually have love-hate relationships with the review sites.

Usually, the purpose of the review sites is to provide info meant for all hobbyists which is provided by other hobbyists so that they know that the escort is really a legitimate one.

It may sound great! But these review sites are not a forum for the clients to provide honest information. It is just a business and there are lot more things involved besides providing genuine information to the clients.

As such all these review sites are used for the advertisement and also selling memberships in order to make money. Often there can also be a pop-up message telling you not to here certain escort. Thus, they may turn out to be an anti-escort advertisement.

Therefore, you cannot totally decide about choosing your escorts just on the basis of the reviews and also many of the escorts also disallow any kind of reviews about them too.

However, there are many other ways available to get to know about the escort.

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