Let’s say you have a great idea for a new donut shop for downtown Atlanta. You have unique recipes, one-of-a-kind decorations, your products taste great, etc. You’ve leased a great location with a drive-thru so people can get their donuts and get off to work quickly. But you have the nagging impression you’re missing something.

Creating the Brand Identity

One thing all successful businesses have in common is a visually appealing and memorable brand and logo. The right brand, name, and logo says a lot about a business’ product and the experience of its product. Think of Disney, Coca-Cola, McDonalds, or Google. The sight of their logos brings not only your favorable or unfavorable opinions of these companies to the fore of your mind, but you also may feel emotions as well based on the experiences you’ve had with their products.

For your new donut shop a branding advertising agency in Atlanta can help visually create a brand identity that creates favorable opinions, as well as evoke strong emotions associated with your products. Then every time someone drives by your donut shop, or sees your promotion, or coupons, or advertising they will start to build impressions from your reputation. When people have had enough exposure, and their interest has been piqued, they will come in for a donut or maybe a dozen.

Hopefully customers will have positive experiences, and return and return. Over time, as customers continue to have positive experiences with your donuts, the strength of their association with your brand will grow stronger until you have a customer for life. This, of course, takes time. Great brands are not built over night. Just as with your donut shop, it takes time for people to get to know you and form opinions.

 Be Different, and Make that Difference Known

One way to stand out in the donut market place is to be different and unique in a positive way. Your brand identity and logo need to help you carve out a niche in the marketplace. Maybe you have extra large, delicious apple fritters – fritters so big you can share it with a friend or two. Once these become popular, you’ll be known as the donut shop with the big fitters. Maybe a fritter is in the logo. Or maybe you have lots of creative toppings so you offer a wider variety of donuts than any donut shop in town. This will make people curious and they will come check you out. If people come away with a positive experience, you’ll be known as the donut shop with all those over-the-top toppings. Whatever your niche, or differentiator, this should be reflected in your brand identity and logo.

The problem with some small businesses is that they can become “too close” to their business. The technical term for this is myopic vision. (Myopia meaning nearsighted.) By consulting with a branding advertising agency in Atlanta you are getting new, creative eyes on the possibilities of marketing so potential customers will find your donuts inviting and enticing.

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