Research shows that education is directly related to the development of technology. Educators and experts implement new technologies in classrooms and schools to help students understand them in a way relatable to them. There are naysayers who argue that technology can be a distraction to students in the classroom, but research proves that technology is very effective in the classroom. There are innovations in education technology that can help students grasp material, here are a list of reasons why using technology in education is so imperative.

Makes Learning Easy

There are theories or concepts that would be very difficult to explain without technology. Technology like audio-visual presentations will allow your students to understand and see how the concepts are applied. Educators can use technology like projectors and computer slide presentations to teach any lesson or instruction. These visuals will appeal to visual learners and act as an aid to your lesson.

Track Progress

Students do not just have to take notes from the chalkboard like before. There are websites and platforms that can assist students with note taking, or even find videos and interactive games to facilitate learning. Educators can use programs to track student progress and even find personalized questions for the subject matter or curriculum exams.


Using technology cuts down on the amount of paper used in schools. There are even digital textbooks instead of hundreds of page long textbooks that won’t even fit in the students’ book bags. Educators can even give quizzes and tests electronically to save paper.

Student Enjoyment

Students are constantly connected to technology, whether it is their phone or other smart device. Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat are always on their mind and can be a distraction in the classroom. However, you can use this generations’ love for technology to help them learn. Make learning enjoyable for them by using the technology that they love so much.

Distance Learning

Another great use of technology in education is being able to learn from locations other than the traditional school and desk. Students can learn in a way that works for them and fits their needs.


In a traditional classroom, students sit together, talk, give feedback to each other. The same can be done with technology incorporated, with fewer distractions. Group projects or collaborative opportunities can be enhanced by the use of technology.

It is extremely imperative that educators use technology in the classroom. Educators and administrators need to be well versed and educated in the innovations in education technology so that students can benefit and learn.

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