Professional photographers find JPEG format to be more beneficial than a RAW file format. There are various reasons for it. Due to large size, RAW files are difficult to send and upload. Also, these files require processing to be able to work. There is various software available in the market that will help in converting RAW image format to JPEG ones.

Here, in this post, we are going to tell you about the process to perform this conversion.

What makes it important to use JPEG file format than Raw files?

JPEG file formats are considered to be easier, convenient and flexible image format. They are universal and supported by any other device. This will not provide you any problem in editing or viewing the files. Another reason why JPEG files are more suitable than other file formats is that they are smaller in size and a lot flexible for storage related purposes.

This is especially helpful when there are several files to be converted. With JPEG files, it becomes a lot faster.  Reaconvertor is a safe and highly efficient file conversion program that can be used for file conversion.

Steps to convert Raw files to JPEG format

  • First, you need to open the photo conversion software. We will be using Adobe Photoshop for the conversion between RAW and JPEG files. Access the Image Processor by File->Scripts->Image Processor.
  • Find and choose the RAW files that are needed to be converted (in a batch).
  • Choose the place where you need to save your output JPG files. It is a lot easier to save your files at the same place where the original ones are saved. Photoshop will create one separate folder that contains these JPGs.
  • Select the file format in which you wish to save your RAW files. In this case, it is JPG. Besides this, you can even choose PSD or TIFF mode.
  • Now run the conversion option for all files to happen simultaneously. This will convert the RAW files (in batch) to your specified format. This will save a lot of time of the user.
  • You will find a new folder will be created by the Photoshop that will comprise of only converted JPGs.

Features of Rea Converter

ReaConvertor is one of the best RAW Photo converters available in the market. It is convenient to use and offer effective results to the user.  Some of the features of using this converter are mentioned below as:

  • Clear and simple user interface: It helps in saving a lot of hours in performing the image conversion task.
  • Versatility – This software has the ability to convert every conceivable file format.
  • Power – This software is designed to offer the most powerful batch image conversion features that make it highly efficient image processing software in the market.


With these steps and a good quality image conversion software, you can easily convert your RAW files into JPEG format. Not just it will improve its quality but also makes it easier to use it.

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