If you are going to observe various commercial and residential buildings made of steel, you will notice that most of these are constructed with a metal roofing system. I supposed, you are aware that having a steel structure is a big factor and is greatly considered because this will affect the foundation of the whole building. But another thing that has to be decided, is the system that will protect the structure from natural elements, such as rain, snow, wind and the heat of the sun.

Because of these environmental factors that may greatly affect the roofing system, a lot of people have considered choosing steel as their primary material. It is true that you may experience leaks due to open seams, penetration flashings, oxidation, panel damages and unfit installation. However, this is not a problem because you can always contact experts online. Just go to your browser and type “metal building repair near me,” and then the result will show you a list of companies that provides construction services in your place.

There are a few reasons why people prefer steel roofing system to be used in their projects. First, because of its lifespan, but of course, this will also depend on the type of material installed. Next, it is more durable compared to plastic, wood and concrete, when installed properly. In fact, it can withstand various natural elements like strong winds, rain and snow to name a few. Third, it is eco-friendly, which makes it a good option because it is recyclable. Lastly, expect a minimal maintenance fee, especially when the right material was used. Now, what do you think is the type of metal that suits your needs?


One of the metal roofing types that has been used for centuries is copper. Do you know that this can even last for more than 200 years? Therefore, if you are going to install this with proper maintenance, then expect this property to be passed from one generation to future generations.

Copper is a soft material, which makes it silent. Though with today’s advanced technology, roofing system can be applied with substrates that will minimize the level of noise when it is raining or even when there is hail.

The biggest downside is the fact that it easily dents due to hailstones. Of course, this will decrease the aesthetic value. Another thing, it is also very expensive. And then, it contracts and expands when temperature changes.


This active metal is capable of reacting to various atmospheric conditions that made is resistant to salt corrosion. Through the reaction of the outer layer with the oxygen, the aluminum oxide layer is created, which protects the inner layer of the aluminum.

Therefore, when your project is located in a coastal area, aluminum is an ideal option. However, when it comes to the downside, its cost is being considered.


If longevity is your basis, then zinc is another good choice because it can for more than 100 years. It comes with natural properties that makes it easy to form different shapes. This factor made it to be known as he greenest metal type and recyclable as well.

However, what turns it less appealing is the chalking, though this can be controlled through proper maintenance. It is also expensive to use and install this. And then, due to its softness, strong wind and hail may damage it.


This is the most common type used in roofing system, which is an alloy that comes with an iron. Go to this site to learn more about an iron and its properties.

One reason for choosing this, is its green property and it is recyclable, too. And then, it is the least expensive used in building construction. You may choose to install Galvanized, Galvalume and Weathering steel.

Due to its diverse function, it can be used for commercial as well as residential purposes. It is also durable, so if your area is prone to high winds and hail, then it is an ideal choice.


Using tin is a rare choice.  Most DIYers use it as shingles.

However, this is not an ideal option for a building. It lacks durability and quality as a material.

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