Earning now is comfortable, with several open-source software. Are you a software developer or having a little knowledge of software coding? Here is the time to fill your wallet with dollars by just findings mistakes in others’ work. Though it seems a bit odd, yes, you can now earn by findings errors in the coding of other open-source software. Don’t worry, and we are not suggesting you hack the software; instead, several web platforms offer you a project to search for the vulnerabilities in existing open-source software. Be a bug Bounty, hunt your bugs from coding of open-source software, and enjoy your rewards.

Back in 2015, developers of the PVS-Studio code analyzer came across Haiku OS. It was an exciting experiment and useful experience for teams of both projects, because PVS-Studio didn’tsupport Linux back then. Nonetheless, the team achieved its goal, andnow you can check the Haiku code for errors easily and quickly. Recently, the PVS-Studio team has checked this OS once again, and found some new errors in its code.

Here are some examples. The first one will be a V506 warning which found an address of a local variable being stored outside of the variable’s scope. This is potentially dangerous, since accessing memory by such pointer can crash the entire program.

Check this out:

Another, quite funny, one was caught by the V591 diagnostic. One of classes in Haiku’s code had an assignment operator which didn’t return any value, even though it should. This is not a huge deal, but trying to chain-assign objects of such a class will cause unexpected behavior.Here’s the operator’s definition:

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