Before you invest your hard-earned money in any marketing plan, it is very important to get proper information about it and know your expectations from it. Without any prior evaluation, it can yield no results no matter how much you invest in it. In addition to it, poorly managed advertising campaigns will cost you in the long run.

This is the reason why the right selection of a Google AdWords agency is very critical for the growth of a business. We have compiled a list of technical questions that you should ask your potential Google AdWords agency before you hire them.

How do you decide the right keywords to advertise your business?

Keyword selection is very critical that determines the success of your AdWords marketing campaign. Selecting the right keywords for advertising your business lays the base of any successful AdWords marketing campaign. A proficient AdWords analyst will evaluate what a visitor looks for to purchase any service or product from a business.

This is the place from where he starts his keyword research. Once the research finishes, he comes up with targeting keywords that are carefully chosen on the basis of geographic, age, and other factors. He will provide recommendations for reviewing and asking the input.

Aiad is a recognized and trusted Google ads agency in Australia. Some of the reasons that make it superior to other marketing firms are complete transparency on the AdWords, precise conversion tracking, creative implementation and testing of Ads.

How will you track the performance of the marketing campaign?

Conversion tracking is a very important aspect of the marketing campaign. An AdWords agency helps you establish conversation tracking for precise measurement of phone calls, form completions, and purchases on the website.

These conversions have a lot of potential in establishing what is the CPC or “cost per conversion”. It also helps in determining whether the investment in this marketing campaign is bringing results or not. With conversion tracking, a business can see data related to each conversion.

This data includes the product or service that a user has searched before landing on your business. If the marketing agency fails to discuss conversion tracking, then it may not be the one that you should go for.

Are you a Certified Google AdWords Partner?

When choosing for an AdWords agency, you should give priority to Google AdWords Partner firm. Employees at this agency have passed annual certification tests.  They conform to the best practices, standards, and guidelines as set by Google. You can be confident that the Google Partner firm you choose is well aware of the settings and features available in the Google AdWords dashboard.


Hiring the right Google AdWords agency can make or break the marketing efforts of a business. Where the right marketing firm that enhances visibility, traffic, customer base, and sales leads for your business, an incorrect agency can deplete your resources and lands you nowhere. To save from the troubles associated with the wrong hire, it is important you ask these questions to each of your prospective website marketing firm.

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