Chiller systems are one of the most important components for an industrial business. They can be used to dehumidify the air in facilities or cool process fluids.

And, because of how vital they are, industrial chillers should be regularly inspected and well maintained. The good news is, this article can help you how. The following are 3 things you can do to ensure your chiller works in tip-top condition throughout the year.

Treat the Water

Most chillers use a reservoir and pump system for cooling. But, because the warm water that circulates is the perfect breeding ground for tiny organisms, microbes and fungi can grow and lead to inefficiencies ofthe entire unit.

To prevent that from happening, pay attention to the water’s quality and treat it regularly. You can use chemical, mechanical, filtration, or UV and ozone treatment. This way, you deter microbe growth and also ensure that there won’t be any scum and scale buildups.

Clear Away Deposits

Deposits are another thing you should look out for. Aside from microbes, other materials can collect in the water and cause blockages like scale, mud, and slime. Thankfully, since these are visible to the naked eye, you can spot them in the tubing once they form.

If you see buildups, the best thing to do is, of course, remove them. A chiller descale usually does the trick. With that said, it’s still advisable to follow a clean-up schedule and hire professionals to ensure all tubes are thoroughly cleared of deposits.

Provide a Secure Airflow

When the air coming out of the chiller isn’t cold, that’s a sign of a compromised airflow system. While the causes vary, there are usual suspects, which are:

  • Improper fan alignment
  • Loose part
  • Blockage
  • Lack of maintenance

To fix this, see first if anything is blocking the airways and remove them. If that solves the problem, then you’re good to go. But, if the issue persists, you might have to repair or replace some of the components. For this, calling in a chiller maintenance crew is your best bet.

The 3 things you should do to ensure your industrial chiller will work without a hitch are: treat the water, clear away deposits, and secure the airflow. For more information about this topic, or for assistance with repairs, talking with a maintenance company can help.

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