Many people like to have a beautiful lighting at the entryway of their home because it creates a good impression on guests and changes the interior look. Besides, the functionality lighting also gives an aesthetic appeal, coolness and warmth at home.  

By choosing the best lightings you will not only create inviting entrance, but also you can set beautiful atmosphere, mood and ambience as well. Whether the entryway of your house is narrow or wide, there are numerous ways to brighten up the entrance in unique style. 

Stores like Sofary offer a range of chic entrance chandelier made with different metals and available in various designs, colors, sizes and shapes. Also, they are affordable too.

Here are different kinds of foyer lighting that help you in making first and ever-lasting impression on guests. 


If you want to make fancy and grand statement, then chandelier is a perfect entryway lighting option. These lightings will bright up the spaces in an amazing way, especially entry foyer. Also, they come with various options so that you can add a glitzy and bold look at the entrance, which makes a dazzling impression when guests visit your home. 

These lightings are considered as symbol of status, royalty and luxury in medieval period. These days, chandeliers became trendy entry foyer light ideas with modern touch, small mirrors and LEDs. There are numerous chandeliers types such as:

  • Crystal chandelier
  • Cage chandelier
  • Candle style chandelier
  • Bowl chandelier


With spotlights, you can highlight decorative elements in entryway like console table, Buddha statue and others. This lighting helps to depict attention to wall trims or artworks. You can either fit them into wood-panel ceiling or false ceiling for warm setting.


Pendants are lighting fixtures with modernized options and they work well in all traditional spaces too.  The interesting part about them is they create illusion of spaces, which are taller. With this, eyes draw upwards and light illuminates from hanging piece. 

These lighting fixtures will be hanged from ceiling and suspended with a chain, cord or rod. Usually, they are located in sets so consider bulb size, quantity and suspension system in order to create a perfect one. Few pendant types are:

  • Drum pendant
  • Saucer bubble pendant
  • Globe pendant
  • Multi-light pendants
  • Bowl pendants
  • Abstract pendants

Wall sconces

Wall sconces are decisive sleek lighting fixtures. These simple lights are attached to walls by using a wall support. They use gas light, candle or traditional torch for illumination. Candle sconces made with brass or silver during 17th century are very popular.

 In 18th century, those were replaced with porcelain and ormolu. Also, they are available in different designs and styles including:

  • Lantern wall sconce
  • Wallchieres
  • Half moon/flush mounted
  • Candle sconces

In addition to the above, there are many other lighting ideas such as lamps, recessed lights, quirky fixtures and much more. 

You can change the entryway and create perfect illumination by choosing unique style lightings. Gather information about the stores that offer high-quality, different style lightings, choose the best one and order your favorite style today.

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