Pipe inspection system is a significant investment. It offers exclusive analytics and marketing potential that allows you to earn tremendous or save significant amount of money. While choosing the inspection system, ask yourself the following questions to avoid costly mistakes.

What is the sewer or drain pipe sizes you will possibly be inspecting?

Pipe inspection system is available in two styles –

1.      Push rod system – It is intended for insider and lateral pipes. Contractors pushed the tool manually. These unit’s reachable length is around 200 feet. The line size is 1 ½” to 12”. The market for push rod system is huge. Drain cleaners, plumbers, HVAC, maintenance technicians, and electricians choose push rod camera system.

2.      Tractor pulls system – options for large drain pipes. An operator can control them with a joystick from a specially designed van or truck. Large companies and municipalities choose this system.

What are the sizes of push camera system?

On usaborescopes.com you will come across sewer camera system with three sizes.

  • Micro system – 1 ½ inch -3” pipes. The push rods are thin and weak, so can get damaged when used in large pipes. They hardly have in-built locator or a recording device.
  • Mini system – 2”-4” pipes – Push rod is less flexible but stronger than micro systems. If used on large pipes, the push rod can kink and get damaged. They have an in-built locator and recording system.
  • Main line system – 3”-12” lines – The system is flexible but gets applied in outdoor pipes, so strength is a need. The features are similar to the mini systems.

If you are confused in the size than opt for standard or mini size push rod.

Why do you need a drain inspection camera and recording device?

Plumbers always have to prove their waste line collapse diagnose with the customers. People assume that the plumber is trying to scam them that their drain pipe line needs replacement. With a real-time video and still image the customers cannot doubt. They can offer free video inspection of the sewer line first because the camera ill certainly finds tiniest of cracks and problems.

Why do you need a locator?

The camera only identifies the pipe line issues. If you are not aware about the area, where the issue is how you will troubleshoot it. Choose a digital pipe locator. It will help to point the depth of camera head and location. It will help you know whether a backhoe or shovel is needed to resolve the issue.

Do you get post sale customer service?

Pipe inspection systems are videoscopes that get shoved down the sewer. You feel that nothing will go wrong with it, but there are multiple challenges. Majority of operators experience camera head damages now and then, which is possibly due to improper training or practice. The repairs turn out to be costly along with lengthy downtime.

Therefore, make sure to buy a system from reliable suppliers, who offer training in proper use of high-tech device. It can make a huge different between earning profit or making a loss that accompanies the camera system.

The answers to the above questions will help you buy the ideal pipe inspection system from the right supplier.

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