If I say that 2020 is a very interesting year, I’m pretty sure that everyone will agree. Everything got out of control this year. Started with wildfires and volcanoes, and then the deadly virus took over.

The Covid-19 virus got out of control and was soon pronounced a pandemic. At the same moment, the world health organization asked the governments to start taking action against it. If the virus can’t be stopped and destroyed, then everyone should follow the recommendations to limit its spreading.

One of the ways for companies to continue working, as usual, is to modernize the way they work. Implementing artificial intelligence and letting machines do the job is one of the solutions for manufacturing to go on. However, this is not great news for those losing their jobs because of it.

In this article, we’re going to share the reasons why it’s crucial to start learning PLC. Follow up if you want to know more about this topic!

1. You’ll never be out of a job

These tough times require everyone to have another skill. The reason for this is that times have come to never know if you might lose your current job. If you manage to retrain and learn something new, the only one who benefits from this is yourself. At the same time, you lose nothing.

Learning PLC programming is perfect for having a second skill because this is a job title that never goes out of fashion. Since we all know that the future of manufacturing is automation, you can be sure that there will always be a need for someone who will control the machines and give them orders.

PLC programmers are the engineers who do this job. Predictions are that around 800 million jobs will no longer be needed because machines will do them. The good thing about this is that machines will always need someone to control them and program their work.

2. Paid perfectly

The average pay for a PLC programmer is $76,526 per year. That’s over $20,000 more than the average American pay. The highest-paid positions go up to $107,000. You have to admit that this is great pay. See more on the average pay on this link.

If you want to become one though, you’re going to have to spend some time learning about it. Luckily, there are lots of courses and training that will teach you everything you need to know.

The more skilled and experienced you are, the better salary you’ll get. The lowest salaries are still $2,000 higher than the American average. In other words, if you’re working as a professor in a high school, you’re better paid if you tell machines what to do instead of doing the same to children.

3. You’re in charge of the machines

As we just mentioned, when you become a PLC engineer or programmer, you’re going to be the one that tells machines what to do. As time goes by, you can be sure that more and more positions in factories and companies will be taken over by artificially intelligent robots.

Humanoids will become a regular sight in our society. These robots will still need someone to control them. Someone who will implement new algorithms and tell them what to do. The person that is doing this job is called a PLC programmer. If you become one, you’re starting a career in which you are the machine master. The one that tells robots what to do.

4. You’re the expert, and no one tells you how to do your job

Millions of people quit their jobs every month because they are sick and tired by the treatment they get from their bosses. In this work, you can’t be messed around. The company you work for depends on your hard work. There aren’t too many PLC programmers out there, so everyone treats you with respect.

More importantly, not too many people will know what you do. The boss can’t tell you what to do. They can only ask for a particular task, and the rest is up to you. You decide how to do it, when to do it, and if it is supposed to be done. You’re your own boss.

5. Easy to learn PLC programming

It’s really easy to learn PLC if you know where to look. With the many courses out there, you’ll only need a little time to become an expert.

There are lots of courses held in real-time, but as the Covid-19 took over and everyone went in lockdown, it’s best to look for the best one online.

On the internet, you can find the best PLC logic training there is and learn it in no time. Of course, all this depends on how devoted you are.

Most of the courses are made to last for hours. You can listen to them all at once and become an expert in a day. Still, it’s best to do it for a longer period so that the knowledge gets in easier. There’s a reason why classes are held every day by little and not everything at once.

Choose the best one there is and be sure that you’ll become skilled and educated in this. If you choose a trainer who’s not the best, you’ll become under-skilled and when real challenges come up, you won’t be certain about how to handle them.

Do a little research and find out who’s the best of the best. Check out previous clients’ reviews and look up the rating of the training on the review pages on the internet. This is how you’ll find the ultimate best.

6. You become an engineer

At the end of the course, you become an engineer. This is a wonderful title and you’ll get treated with respect at the workplace. Let’s say you’re a construction worker at the moment. It takes just a little effort to train yourself in PLC programming, and you can call yourself a PLC engineer. When you go to the next workplace, your name will stand next to a title called an engineer.

7. Having excellent working conditions

PLC programmers are rarely working outside. They are mainly working inside the premises where the computers are located. Their main place is the server room and the office where they prepare what needs to be done next.

They spend most of the time in office chair programming and overseeing the situation with the machines. They don’t go inside the factories where machines work. Safety is not something that should be a concern.

There are no PLC engineers that get hurt on the job. Unlike other professions who need to handle much harder situations and issues, these guys are safe from experiencing trouble.


Learning programmable logic controllers is easy to be done. If you decide to do it, you can be sure that you’re making a great choice. This profession will always be wanted on the market and you can be sure that you’ll get paid perfectly well. Learn more about it on this link: https://medium.com/@ykanchanam/plc-introduction-bb037a447d58.

If you open the internet at the moment, you’ll see lots of vacancies. Companies are looking for junior and senior PLC programmers, right this moment. If you’re looking for a job, then taking a course and learning everything about it, might be a great move.

If you finish your training today and get a degree proving that you know how to work this, you are eligible for getting a paycheck of at least $58,000 starting tomorrow. As you become more experienced, this payment will become better and higher.

Choose the best training and make sure it’s online so you don’t jeopardize your health and risk getting infected with Covid-19. Learn everything there is in the course, become an expert, and apply for some of the many jobs out there.

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