The key to increasing your sale of music is to feature your playlist on a diverse set of streaming platforms. This rule applies to any independent artist who has a blog, a record label, a band-curated playlist, etc.

To do this, a music artist needs to transfer their playlists across several platforms such as Spotify to Apple Music, Tidal to Soundcloud, YouTube to Spotify, Deezer to Spotify, etc. The article tells you a list of software that will help you transfer your music across major music platforms.

Transfer playlists via TuneMyMusic

Spotify and Apple Music is the leading online places to upload, promote, and sell music online. By publishing a playlist on these platforms, an artist can get exposure from the vast community of music lovers online.

TuneMyMusic offer supports for multiple music platforms that include Amazon Music, Spotify, YouTube, KKBOX, Deezer, Apple Music, Google Music, Tidal, Napster, Soundcloud, and Last-FM.

The major advantage of TuneMyMusic is that users do not require registering to convert their playlists to transfer on different platforms. Based on the playlist size, the entire process of conversion completes in a few seconds, and your playlist is published on the other platform.

MusicDigi is one of the reputed digital music distribution service providers. This platform helps budding music artists to upload their song/album on Google Play, iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal, Amazon, Deezer, and several other online music streaming services and stores.

Transfer playlists with Soundiiz

Soundiiz enables users to convert their music and upload it to their favorite music platforms such as Apple Music to Tidal, YouTube to Spotify, etc. Users are provided with two options i.e., a free plan or a premium plan at $3 per month.

Where the free version enables you to put your song on Spotify, convert playlists one by one, the upgraded plan benefits the user by transferring playlists at one shot, synchronize playlists, and manage artists/ albums/tracks.

Transfer playlists with Free Your Music

Free Your Music is an application that would help you get your music on Deezer and other major music stores and streaming services. The app is available for desktop, Apple, and Android users. The app comes with a free and premium version at a one-time payment of 8, 99 EUR. The app offer auto-sync, lifetime assistance, and updates to the user.

What Can A User Do After Getting Verified on Music Platform?

A verified user on a music platform can edit the artist bio, publish images, change profile image, add social media links, and more. It helps build the credibility of the user on the biggest online music platforms.

How to Verify and Modify Artist Profiles on Popular Music Stores?


The user is verified as soon as their profile gets accepted on Spotify. On logging to the platform, the verified user can change the artist page info such as profile picture, and artist bio.

They can also upload gig dates, and track their streams. If you wish to sell your music on Amazon and earn royalties from its sale, then take the assistance of digital music distributors.


When Apple Music accepts the first release of the users, it allows them to register on the platform for artists to validate artist profile and trace streaming data. MusicDigi is the best platform to sell your music on Beatport and earn money from your streaming music.

Compared to Spotify, this service provides fewer options for editing to users. However, users can modify the artist profile picture on Apple Music and see how many fans search for your music via Shazam.


Amazon Music is another popular music streaming service that has a massive user base. It lets verified music artists to access a broad array of data related to their music. It also offers a facility to update the artist details on the artist page.

Moreover, the platform offers a detailed look at global streaming numbers along with an option to integrate with the Twitch app for real-time streaming.


Getting verified and constantly updating your profile on major digital music platforms is important to establish a credible presence as a musician. Transferring your music on various platforms will greatly help in boosting your popularity and sales in the business.

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