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3 New Technologies That Prove The Future Is Now

When considering future technological advancements, we tend to picture new developments as far down the road. But the truth is, there are many exciting technological advancements that are right on the horizon. Many of these new technologies have sparked a lot of excitement in the scientific community and beyond.

Though visions of flying cars are always appealing, many of these scientific developments affect people on a more personal level by improving their bodies and how the body functions. As technology continues to develop, here are 3 of the top most recent scientific developments that will affect millions of lives moving forward:

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Nutrigenomics is the study of how certain foods can affect our genes both positively and negatively (UC Davis even has their own Nutrigenomics department). As scientists continue their nutritional genomic studies, they are learning more about how what we eat can actually enhance and alter human genome. With a greater understanding of how food affects our DNA comes the ability to tailor individual diets based on a person’s genetic makeup in order to promote optimal health and a longer life.

Those with a family history of certain diseases or health problems (such as a propensity for heart disease or diabetes, for example) will be able to see a doctor who can “prescribe” an eating plan that is very specific to their long-term needs for avoiding those issues for which they are most susceptible.

Redox Signaling

Redox signaling molecules are the messengers within the human body that prompt cells to protect and restore themselves against damage. Though these molecules have played an important role for eons, only recently have scientists really begun to learn about their role in repairing and rejuvenating aging cells.

Since the entire body and all of its organs are completely made up of cells, Redox technology has the potential to improve the quality of living of all humankind. The future of Redox may one day impact the way people heal from injuries and illness while bringing a whole new meaning to the phrase, “aging gracefully.” Up-and-coming companies such as ASEA are making use of Redox technology in their various health products like Renu Advanced, a full anti-aging skincare line.

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Neuromorphic Engineering

Neuromorphic engineering has been theorized for decades now, but recent years have shown accelerated advancements in this exciting technology. Neuromorphic engineering is the process of creating computing systems that actually behave as though they were alive. Neuromorphic chips have been created that cause machines to be more aware of their surroundings and in so doing, react according to those surroundings.

Not only are machines being created to respond to their environment, scientists have been building robots that are able to “think” and act like humans. All we’re left asking is, at what point do computers become sentient beings (or are they already there)?

These are just a few of many new advancements being made in a modern world. New technology is being developed much quicker than ever before as scientists are able to build upon years of study and discovery. With technology such as these, the future is bright; the future is now.

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