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4 Things to Look for in Your Next Desktop Computer

Tablets and laptops are more advanced than ever, but there are still many more benefits to owning a desktop computer, including rich visuals and a reliable workspace. If you’re shopping for your home office or a business, then you should know what to look for before you buy a new desktop. There are many computers to consider, from the latest Apple product to the Optiplex 990. Here are 4 things you should look for in a desktop.

Processing Power

Processing power refers to the overall strength of a computer. Try to find a computer with at least 3.4 GHz of processing power and a 500 GB hard drive. Intel processors are among the most respected and reliable processors, so try to find a computer that has one of these high-quality processors built in. You’ll see a tremendous quality improvement from your previous computer.


Memory size affects not only how your computer operates, but also how much it can store. Small amounts of memory make computers friendly enough for occasional use, like a guest computer, but makes it slower, especially if you plan on using advanced programs and saving large amounts of data. A memory capacity range of 8-16 GB of data should be sufficient for most personal and commercial use. However, some computers, like the Optiplex 990, can be customized with up to 4 TB of data, which can support video editing and other high memory-consuming tasks.

Peripherals Support

Support for peripherals, or other devices that can connect to your desktop computer, is an absolute necessity. These days, CD drives aren’t necessarily to be expected, so instead look for a large number of USB ports. At least 4 ports can support connectivity with a keyboard, mouse, printer, scanner, and smartphone charging station. The USB ports should be easy to access without forcing you to busy your workspace with wiring. Multiple front and back USB ports are signs of a user-friendly computer.

Professional Acclaim

Finally, you should refer to a professional recommendation from IT specialists and other electronics experts. Their recommendations, which may include products like Optiplex desktops, come with a superb level of knowledge when it comes to technical specifications, user friendliness, results in the workplace, and so much more.

Consider the Optiplex 990 for winning specifications in all of the above categories. You can find several desktop options online so that you can customize your work experience for the home office or the business office.

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