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Common Air Conditioning System Issues – Improper Maintenance Can Turn Out To Be Costly

Improper operation is a common issue that air conditioners experience. This can be due to faulty installations, inadequate maintenance, and poor service procedures.

Refrigerant leaks

Sufficient refrigerant level is crucial for the efficiency and good performance of your air conditioning system. Improper refrigerant charging, while installation or during leakage repairs can impair the unit’s performance.

Electric control failure

Air conditioners are turned ON and OFF frequently, especially if the LG split system is oversized. This can corrode the wires, so connections to fan and compressor control gets lost.

Sensor issues

A thermostat is positioned behind the control panel. It measures air temperature coming from evaporative coil. In case, the sensor gets dislocated then the air conditioners cycle will behave erratically. Sensor needs to be close to the coil but not touching it. Carefully, bend the wire and adjust its position.

Improper maintenance

Blogged dirty filters obstruct normal air flow. Dirty air gets passed into the evaporator coil, which affects its heat absorbing capacity. Filters need to be replaced every month during cooling seasons. If the AC is being used consistently and subjected to dusty environment or there is a furry pet in your home then frequent attention is needed.

Evaporator and condenser coils accumulate dirt and soil quickly from dirty filters. This dirt insulates the coil, and reduces its capacity to absorb heat.

Outdoor condenser unit with foliage nearby has the potential to accumulate debris, which can hinder clean airflow.

It is crucial to remove the debris and trim foliage around the condenser to allow sufficient airflow.

Coil fins are made from aluminium, which can get bent and block the air flow. Fin comb is a tool, which helps these fins to gain their original shape.

Clogged condensate drains increase the humidity level, which causes excessive moisture in the room. Just passing a stiff wire in the drainage channels can unclog it.

Window frames need to be sealed properly, so that cool air does not escape the room. It needs to be done before summer starts.

Neglecting the maintenance of air conditioners filters, coils, and fins can impact the units performing ability causing untimely breakdown. In addition, your utility bills can go very high because the consumption of energy to maintain cooling temperature increases.

What a qualified technician needs to do?

Hiring proper technician for installation, repair and maintenance of your Daikin AC is crucial. A qualified and experienced technician will detect and repair issues perfectly.

The technician should –

  • Use leak detectors to test for any refrigerants seep out
  • Check the refrigerant level
  • Capture any gas displaced from the system rather than releasing it in the environment [Refrigerant gas is unsafe]
  • Check central systems for duct leakage and seal it
  • Measure airflow level passing over the evaporator coil
  • Heating and cooling system should not operate at the same time, so authenticate the accurate electric control cycle
  • Check belts for any signs of wear and tightness
  • Oil the motors
  • Inspect electrical terminals
  • Clean and stiffen connection, if necessary apply non-conductive coating
  • Check thermostat accuracy

Air conditioner system is a big investment, so ensure that its performance is maintained.

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