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Green Screen For Video Making

Why do we use a green screen?

Perhaps the most common use of a green screen can find with meteorologists. They stand in front of a green screen and move their hands to point out  different parts on the map. In this way they personalize the broadcast. The same screen has been used in movies such as Harry Potter and Superman to produce special effects. The experience is fantastic. The green color is removed and you can add favorite effects.

How Can I create a green screen?

By using paint: You can paint a flat wall with green screen paint. Its benefit is that it lights evenly than that of a stretched fabric. Same is the case with a hanging fabric. A flat green wall is smooth. It also has an even texture. Rosco’s Chroma Key paints, Composite Components’ Digital Green and DigiComp paints can be used for the purpose. Why these specific colors? These colors provide you with the exact color density as well as perfect finish to give you proper light reflectivity.  People who have to do low-budget shoots, green paint is the best for them. One thing you should keep in mind is that you will have to repaint the walls to cover scuffs and smears. This kind of digital paint doesn’t stick up well to the wall. That’s why repaint is recommended.

Using a Fabric: There is a huge variety of green screen fabrics available in the market. It offers best result and it does not produce wrinkles during traveling.  You should choose the one which should be cost-effective and which is durable under heavy use.

Using cardboard: You also can use a cardboard as green screen. It also is cost-effective. You don’t have to stretch it or hang it. So there is little chance of wrinkles. It provides a flat and even screen. That’s why it reflects light perfectly.

Vinyl Green Screen: They are the easiest to clean if there are dirt spots from food, shoes or pets.  Moreover it can also be cleaned with a clean rag.

Folding background: They are easily transportable. You can buy them in green color or you can buy a white folding background and dye it with green color. If you have a low budget shoot, you should use folding backgrounds. They are cost-effective. Moreover they are light-weight and easy to pack and carry.

How to use light with green screen?

There are a few things to care about while setting up the green screen.

  • First of all cut out the shadows. A flat background is necessary to create a good video. You have to remove the screen color. That’s why the screen should be flatter. The flatter it is, the easier it is to remove.
  • Upgrade your lighting if it is not even. Even lighting gives a better effect. There should not be dark and bright areas.
  • Use hardware store clamp-on work lights that have high CFL bulbs.
  • Your focus should be the area that is right behind the person.

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