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The Latest Trends in Professional Web Design

When it comes to professional web design, several new trends are making the internet and better play to work, shop, research, and play.

Long Scrolling

Long scrolling is the latest web design technique to take over the internet. More and more websites are converting to the long scrolling format from the traditional landing page setup with links multiple related pages. As the name implies, a page with long scrolling allowed visitors to view their entirety of your content by simply scrolling up or down. In the age of the smartphone and the scroll wheel, the traditional navigation scroll bar has fallen into neglect. Most users prefer to peruse using the wheel on their mouse. For smartphone users, the thumb, finger, and stylus pen are the tools of choice for navigating web pages. The long scroll design allows website owners to place all of their information on a single page. By scrolling up or down, visitors can open or close different sections of your company’s site. This is also saves loading time by eliminating the need to wait for subpages to load. Compared to the traditional web page design, long scrolling creates a more streamlined experience, getting vital information to your clients faster.

3D Interfacing

Computer and website interfacing has gone through several major changes in the last 20 years, all in efforts to help users navigate more easily. Early interfacing design used a form of skeuomorphism which attempted to recreated real-world objects in a computer program for digital use. The trash icon on your desktop is an example of elementary skeuomorphism still in use today. Then Microsoft came up with the flat tile design but, for the most part, users were not impressed. The latest trend in user interface called the Material design, come from the think tanks at Google. It adds a subtle but fresh look to interfacing by adding a third dimension. Icons, buttons, and windows are layered and stand out from one another through the use of shadowing. Much like papers or folders laying on a desk, the Material design feels more concrete and, as a result, has become a huge success.

Art and Animation

Much like a good murder mystery novel, website designers have to grab their client’s attention on the first page if they want them to stick around. On the internet, that translates to bold colors, pop art, and animated GIFs. Set your company and your website apart from the competition with professional web design including a custom color palette and attention-grabbing artwork.


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